• Carol's communications work on our largest
    fundraising campaign helped us enjoy our
    greatest campaign successes yet.
    I'd highly recommend her to others.

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    Donna Methot
    4th Annual Road to Recovery Walk
    Schizophrenia Society of Nova Scotia
    Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
  • I love your minutes.

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    Lee Ross
    Successfully Speaking Women Toastmasters
    Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • I believe Ms. Lamarche will be an asset to
    any writing project and her contribution
    will be invaluable.

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    E. E. Ho, PhD
    Vajra Vidya Retreat Center
    Crestone, Colorado
  • Because she was professional and approachable,
    I selected her to work with me,
    as editorial team lead.

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    Ian Ross
    Director of Special Projects
    Computer Generated Solutions
    Saint John, New Brunswick
  • On this project, Carol has provided
    coaching services, by alerting me to certain
    language issues that I was unfamiliar with,
    thereby helping to improve my writing toolset.

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    Sheila Kelly
    Founder, Chief Visionary
    The Big Yes!
    Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Carol's work on another of our major campaigns,
    our upcoming annual fundraising walk,
    is helping to make the event its very best.

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    Stephen Ayer
    Executive Director
    Schizophrenia Society of Nova Scotia
    Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

  • Based upon Carol's professional attitude,
    enthusiasm, and proven initiative,
    I would recommend her to any company.
    Jeffrey Japp
    Technical Editing SIG, Society for Technical Communication
    Asheville, North Carolina

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